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Coffee Proceeds April - June 2015

Church Coffee Donations for April/May and June 2015 will support the local branch of Age UK Spread the Warmth Project.

Age UK is the country's largest charity dedicated to helping everyone make the most of later life. Each winter, one older person dies needlessly every seven minutes. Spread the Warmth is Age UKs campaign to help older people stay well during winter.  1.7 million older people in the UK cant afford to heat their homes, and over a third (36%) say they live mainly in one room to save money.  The magic numbers for staying warm this winter - 21 and 18 -. Your living room should be kept at 21 and your bedroom at 18.

Why do we need a Spread the Warmth campaign?
As we get older, our bodies respond differently to the cold increasing the likelihood of a heart attack, stroke, pneumonia, and breathing difficulties. Of the winter deaths that happen every year, 9 in 10 are older people.
Cold weather adds to the financial worries of older people. 30% say they avoid heating rooms like the bedroom, bathroom or living room because they are worried about the cost.

How Age UK helps older people in winter

Local Age UKs offer a very wide range of services* to help older people feel warm and well in winter:
  • We distribute essential items like clothes, heaters and electric blankets to keep older people warm.
  • We provide free information and advice to ease financial worries, and help older people to feel warm and well.
  • Our handy people provide energy services, like fitting draft excluders and radiator foils, as well as help with practical tasks around the home.
  • We offer shopping support so those with mobility issues can get what they need.
  • We run Christmas parties and provide befriending services to help fight loneliness.
For more information: Call Age UK Advice: 0800 169 6565

Link- Age UK