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Coffee Proceeds April - June 2016 - Update

Church Coffee Proceeds collected during the months of April, May and June, amounted the 143.49 and were sent to Camphill Village Trust, Botton Village.

Building Community, changing lives

The Camphill VillageTrust provides a home within a supportive community environment for people of all abilities. Whether in a household with others or more independently we accept and appreciate each other for who we are and encourage each other to give our best. 

Valuing Relationships

We understand the importance of friends and the sense of belonging that people have as part of their community. We do not define people because of their disability and seek to align the achievements of citizenship and equality with the warmth of friendship and self fulfilment

About Us

WE ARE a leading, long established and progressive UK charity supporting adults with learning disabilities, mental health problems and other support needs. We support people in their home life, work, social and cultural activities through our 9 urban and rural communities in England.

Each of our communities - through our person-centred approach in which support is tailored to each individual's needs - provides opportunities for personal growth, fulfilling work, friendship and social interaction, education and training, and cultural and spiritual inspiration. Everyone receives the support they need to participate fully in the life of our communities and their surrounding areas. Above all we value what each individual brings to the communities in which we live.

Website: www.cvt.org.uk