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Lent Appeal 2012  

This Lent we're supporting two charities:

Alzheimer’s Research UK

The Government only invests 2.5% of its medical research budget on dementia, so it lags behind other areas of medical research.  This charity is constantly seeking out the most innovative research.  Scientists are investigating how to stimulate stem cells to become brain cells fast enough to compensate for damage caused by dementia.  However, without the funding they cannot sustain the employment of top scientists to reach a breakthrough in their research for a cure.

Click here for more details of the charity's work.

East Anglia Air Ambulance

This charity receives no Government funding, but has managed to purchase another air ambulance to enable it to respond to all the emergency calls.  However, more money is now urgently needed to service and run the ambulances to full capacity, and as we well know, they do operate in this local area too.

Click here for more details of the charity's work.

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