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Pancake Party Review 2015

The CARE Committee had the support of a marvellous turnout for this year’s Pancake Party held on 14th February at the Parish Centre and despite the concerns of the committee that we might run out of food, there was still a few pancakes left over at the end of the evening.

It was decided this year to support a charity close to home and the Dementia Care Project at the Luton & Dunstable Hospital was chosen by us for our Lent Appeal. We therefore invited Yvonne Weldon a Dementia Nurse Specialist at the Luton & Dunstable Hospital to join as at our Pancake Party and give a brief presentation.

Yvonne and her Husband Phil joined us for the meal which they, thoroughly enjoyed. A table quiz engaged everyone throughout the evening and it was the table at which our guests Yvonne and Phil were sitting that won the quiz, which in the main was down to them since three of the table were not allowed to participate having been involved in the preparation of the quiz and Steve and Frances had lived abroad and not seen the television programs in question.

While everyone digested their savoury pancakes and the committee prepared for round two, the sweet pancakes, Yvonne talked to us about the Dementia Care Project at the hospital. Yvonne came along with her case of memorabilia which she uses when engaging with patients with dementia who are hospitalised and are obviously not only physically ill but confused. The items gave a trigger of times past and served as a stimulant for conversation and we could clearly see how the items that she produced from her case as examples could trigger some fond memories long forgotten. Yvonne went on to tell us how the funds that we raised would be used to fund the purchasing of equipment and materials for use in activity sessions that they were planning for those with dementia and it was good to know that people within our own area and possibly known to us would benefit.

The evening was a resounding success and raised over £630.00 which included £119.00 made on the raffle – thank you to all those who donated raffle prizes.

Your continued support is much appreciated.

CARE Committee