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Pancake Party Review 2016

Despite a howling gale and torrential rain outside, 70+.people gathered together in the warmth of the Parish Centre on the 6th February to enjoy pancakes galore with a large selection of both savoury and sweet fillings. The hall was decked with red balloons and bunting and many of the party revellers came in something red to complete the ambience of the occasion.  See the some photographs below of the occasion.

Many guests had a guess at “Wear’s Fred?” for £1 a go with 50% of the proceeds to the winner. There were two lucky winners Gloria Mardle and Paul Ingram receiving £15 each. Many nice prizes had been donated for the raffle with lots of lucky winners and so as not to disappoint as everyone likes a quiz, Judy had prepared 2 Quizzes – a Medical Quiz – Parts of the Body and a Triple link one.

And for something a little different in between the savoury and sweet course we sat and watched a short informative presentation about the work and ethos of the British Heart Foundation which included a BHF 10 Minute Living Room Workout Video. All present were invited to participate in the workout albeit they had to do this sitting down as space was limited. This was great fun, created much activity and noise, and caused much amusement. Hopefully everyone felt a little fitter afterwards which is the British Heart Foundation’s hope to encourage us all to GET ACTIVE and to challenge ourselves in 2016.

What a fabulous sociable evening it turned out to be in a friendly atmosphere; the food was sumptuous and plentiful, and “I didn’t realise you could put so many different fillings into one pancake” was heard said by more than one satisfied guest. Thank you to everyone who made the evening so happy and successful and it is pleasing to report that £683.25 was raised to support the Church’s Lent Appeal for the British Heart Foundation.

CARE Committee