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CARE Committee 2005 Report

Yet another year when world wide disasters hit the headlines and our Parish reacted overwhelmingly to respond to all the appeals. 

We broke with Lent tradition of raising money for a local and national charities, and raised money for the Tsunami Appeal with the additional help of the Sunday Club who put on their own event to make extra funds which enabled us to send off 1,800. 


The Sunday Club and Sunday School also collaborated with us to gather together items for sponge bags and money to raise 1,750 for the Africa Mercy Ships at Harvest. 





961.99 was spent on sponsoring our 5 children and ensuring both Birthday and Christmas presents were sent to them. 

Other overseas disaster appeals (South Asia floods, Niger and the Asian Quake), raised a further 550

405 was sent to 10 other sundry overseas projects. 

Added to this the largest consignment yet of knitted blankets has been sent overseas, (thank you knitters) together with many items for school classrooms.

Small donations amounting to 325 mainly from Church Coffee monies were sent to 11 national charities, and a total of 533.94 was sent to the local Hospices from donations and Christmas box proceeds

200 was raised from the PCCG Coffee morning for the local Macmillan Cancer Unit at the Luton & Dunstable Hospital, together with the profits from the sales of 93.70 of goods. 

As yet we have not been advised of how much was donated for Royal British Legion poppies, or from the sale of Hospice Christmas brooches. 

Assistance was also given as a collector outside Sainsbury's to raise money for the Noah Enterprise. 

In all, a total of 6,619.63 was sent to charities in the name of this Church from CARE fundraising in addition to the PCC charity list.

All this would not have been possible without the generosity of everyone. Two things emerge from this year. This was the first year when we felt the desire and energy of everyone to respond to our efforts, and we would like to thank all the generous giving in whatever way you all responded to the appeals and the fund raising efforts. Secondly we made use of Gift Aids to generate more income from the monies donated. This helped to generate a lot more money at no extra cost, except a lot of work willingly done by the Gift Aid Treasurer. 

I would also like to thank the Committee, including our new recruit, Gill Critten, for their unstinting work behind the scenes, and the generosity of always giving food, items for the stalls and raffle prizes. 

Our total expenses for the year was 15 to pay for the stalls at Barton Strawberry Fayre, which enabled us to make extra money outside the parish. So you know that all your monies given go to the charities involved and is not frittered away.

We held our annual Christmas Party and invited some of the many people who have helped us during the year. Unfortunately it is impossible to invite everyone, but this year we especially invited some of the Sunday Club members as a thank you for their special efforts they made. 

Peggy Moore, one of our founder Committee members had died during the year, and this is one of the reasons we have chosen to raise money for the RNLI (and KidsOut) for the Lent Appeal 2006. This was her favourite charity and she and Stan had many connections with the charity. We hope you will also support us in our endeavours too.

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