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Where the Money Comes From

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Church Plate Donations  

During Lent and Harvest, we have a special collection plate to raise money for specific causes, such as Save the Children (opens in new window).  At other times, we respond to emergency appeals from reputable registered charities.

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We respond to appeals, providing either money or items that have been specifically requested including:

  • Donations for Disaster Relief 

  • Postage stamps

  • Second hand school books, cassettes and videos

  • Used spectacles for overseas

  • Special charity appeals

  • Items to sell sale

  • Specific items requested by a charity i.e. School Aid for overseas

  • Knitters and wool, for making blankets to send overseas 

  • Helpers to man stalls or aid with outside collections for charities

  • Shoeboxes containing specific items for overseas children at Christmas  

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Donations for coffee and teas after services 

Each month, members of the committee, the Coffee Group or members of the congregation nominate a charity to be considered to receive the donations for: 

  • Coffee served on alternate Sundays after the 9.30 Parish Communion Service in Church

  • Tea served on the last Sunday each month after the Evening Praise service.  

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We sponsor  5 overseas children through Plan UK (opens in new window).

Ten to twelve people each pay 15 a year to sponsor a child. Where possible, we ask sponsors to complete a Gift Aid Declaration.  This enables us to meet the total annual cost of sponsorship and also send each child a Christmas and Birthday present.  

If we get an accumulation of money, we either send off a lump sum to their community or respond to appeals which arise from the charity. As usual, this is administered centrally by the Committee. 

Each child is allocated a correspondent from the sponsors who writes to him/her and sends pictures or cards of interest. In return, we get letters back from either the children or a member of their family and also up-dates and information about their various communities from the charity. Each year we receive photographs of the children and we send them photos of our sponsors in return.

The 5 children we sponsor come from:

  • Ascuncion, Paraguay         

  • Barranquilla, Colombia          

  • Lima, Peru

  • Mai-ini, Kenya            

  • Rautahat/Bara, Nepal

Sponsorship ends either once a child has reached the age of 18 or if his/her community has improved so much that Plan UK considers it now able to be self supporting.

In the past, we've sponsored children from: 

  • Tula, Colombia  

  • Call, Valle, Colombia

  • Buenaventura, Colombia          

  • Congal, Tumaco, Colombia  

Community members in Kawangware and Rinita involved in a clean-up campaign during World Environment Day 2005

Click here to see the 2008 board which gives details of the children that we are sponsoring. 

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Givers' Events

At these events we pride ourselves on ensuring that all of the money donated goes directly to the specified charities.   Any food/refreshments are provided free of charge, all goods are given and no charges are made. If our events are held in the Parish Centre, no charge is made for the hire of the hall. We also try to get the occasional speaker to come along and talk about their charity for these larger appeals.

Each year we work on two specific projects:

  • Lent Appeal (first half of the year)

  • Harvest/Autumn Appeal (second half of the year)

Lent Appeal

This is for either a national or local charity, or sometimes both with the proceeds divided equally between them.

The only exception is where there are exceptional circumstances, such as in 2005, when we held our Lent Appeal for the Tsunami Children's Appeal in Sri Lanka via Plan UK.  

In 2006 our Lent Appeal will be divided between the local branch of the RNLI and KidsOut.

We will hold a Pancake Party and Beetle Drive.  In addition, we will raise money from Church Plate Donations and from the proceeds from other events which were organised by other groups and were included in our total fund raising.

Harvest/Autumn Appeal 

This is for an international charity, especially if match funding from the government exists.

In July, we raise funds from the proceeds of a Stall and a Hoopla (goods and prizes donated) at Ramsey Manor School Strawberry Fayre in Barton.  Although we  have to hire the 2 Stalls, we feel that this worthwhile because:

  • The proceeds go to the school's PTA which helps the children

  • It allows us to raise funds immediately outside our own Parish

  • Streatley children go to Barton schools.

In August, we hold a Garden Party in the grounds of the Parish Centre and at Harvest we hold a Harvest Lunch for about 80/90 people in the Parish Centre.  As usual, all food is either provided or donated

We also receive donations.  Part of the Harvest collections are then divided between another charity and the Bishop's Harvest Appeal.  

In 2005, our Harvest/Autumn appeal was for Mercy Ships. We raised 1,750 to support this valuable cause and donated a car full of wash bag toiletries. 

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Direct Donations

The CARE General Fund enables us to 'top-up' other monies raised to a round sum before sending them off.   Otherwise, we make donations from this fund at the end of the year if a charity we wish to support hasn't received anything from us during the year. 

We can make additional boosts to special appeals, but only if we in turn receive direct donations for our General Fund. 

We are very grateful to those who donate to us in this way, as it enables us to respond quickly in cases of need.  

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Sale of Goods for Charities

We often have ribbons, flowers, poppies etc in the Cross Aisle of the Church along with a collection box for donations from reputable registered charities.  

We also support our local Cancer Charity by selling items for them (on a sale or return basis).  We do this in conjunction with the coffee mornings, which are run by another part of our church. 

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Interest on Deposits

We don't hold large funds on deposit.  However, as we keep the funds that we're collecting for our appeals separate from the PCC accounts, we do receive a small amount of interest.  This enables us to use our General Fund as part of the 'top-up' scheme.  

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Grants from the PCC

The PCC have an list of charities to which they make grants at the end of each financial year. It is part of our role to oversee this list and make recommendations for alterations, deletions and additions. After PCC approval, grants are the made from PCC funds.  

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Gift Aid

In all cases where a donation is made and when the donor pays UK Income Tax, we encourage a Gift Aid Declaration to be signed in conjunction with the giving. We particularly encourage this at our Givers' Events as this makes a significant difference to the amount of money that we raise.  

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Some of the children that we've sponsored over the years


The devastation that drought brings to rural Kenya.  The crop was maize, the month is December and the temperature is 30 Celsius


A typical Kenyan Shamba, consisting of two round dwellings, with thatched roofs and another dwelling being constructed in the background.  The trees are Acacia which are prolific in the area and are extremely drought resistant.


A group of children outside their Shamba which is built from mud bricks, fired to harden them and a simple thatched roof which lets the smoke from the cooking fire out and the rain in.


A group of boys, who should be at school, driving their fathers' cattle along a dry river bed in search of water.


Raising funds at the Strawberry Fayre

The Garden Party - anyone for tea?
































Gift Aid Declaration