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The original and much longer chancel fell down and was replaced by the present one in 1898. It therefore contains nothing of historical value.

However, it is worth going in to look at the kneeler by the altar rail. 

Designed by Tony Fevyer, a car body designer at Vauxhall, and made by members of the congregation, it shows the parish as it was when the kneeler was designed.

The centre cushion (below), with the cross and chalices, represents the church in the midst of the parish.  

The chancel




The left hand cushion (below) represents the Warden Hill end of the parish. Those who know it will recognise Turnpike Drive, Galley and Warden Hill, the South Beds Golf Course and Club House, Warden Hill Road and its Closes; the shops and houses on Barton Road; Streatley Garage; and the Birdsfoot Lane Old Peoples Home. (Barton Hills had not been built when this kneeler was designed).  


The right hand cushion (below) shows the Village end of the parish with the Village Hall (as it was then), the top pond, the Church, the Chequers, Moleskin and the Clappers.

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