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Church Photographs - Carol Service 2005

We bid you a warm welcome to our thirty-sixth successive "Carols by Candlelight" Service."

The Opening Prayer

Heavenly Father, we meet here in Saint  Margaret's Church this evening, to recall the events of that very first Christmas two thousand years ago and to remind ourselves of the REAL reason behind all our celebrations at this special time of the year. 

In words and music, we will be hearing once again of the angels who sang of peace on earth.  We pray for peace between the nations and for peace in our homes. We shall be reminded of the kindness and compassion shown to Mary and Joseph by an innkeeper who, despite being very tired and overworked, found a place for Mary's Child to be born. We pray for all homeless people in our world today and we also pray the the world's resources may be better shared. We shall hear about shepherds leaving their flocks and hurrying to Bethlehem to find the Infant Christ and of wise men who travelled many miles to worship Him.

Help us in heart and mind, to make OUR journey to Bethlehem and to celebrate with joy and thanksgiving, the greatest of all Your gifts to us - the gift of Your Son. 

Fill our hearts with the love that cares, that understands... .and gives.  Show us how best we can serve those in need. We ask this for the sake of Him who was born in a stable - Jesus Christ our Lord. 


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