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At Baptism, parents and god-parents undertake to bring up the child in the Christian faith.

Confirmation is when a person confirms his or her own allegiance to Christianity as the faith by which he or she will try to live.  Confirmation is the gateway to Communion as it enables you to receive the bread and the wine. The Confirmation Service is taken by a Bishop.

Confirmation is preceded by a course of instruction, designed to provide an adult-level introduction to Christianity and the Church. It gives all the information needed to decide whether someone wants to be confirmed.  

You can be confirmed at any age from thirteen upwards.

There are normally two routes to Confirmation at St Margaret's, either via Youth Club or through a separate Confirmation Course.  

Confirmation courses begin in the Autumn and comprise ten sessions of about an hour.

Click here to see some photographs from the 2006 Confirmation Service at St Margaret's.

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The Cross on the Lady Chapel Altar

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