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Friends of Streatley Parish Church

St. Margaretís Church Streatley was established in 1145 AD and has been a pivot around which the Local Community has circled for nearly 900 years. It is a precious jewel - a listed building of great historical value - which has sustained and encouraged, and served local people over that long time.

The Church fell into disuse from 1918/1937 and one man, Archdeacon Parnell, was determined to bring the Church back to life! Since then St.Margaretís has held its head high and served Streatley Parish (incorporating much of Luton) with great panache and distinction, thanks to a long line of Vicars and Curates who have inspired the local community.

Since the re-opening of St. Margaretís, much money has been spent on the Church Fabric and in 1977 the FRIENDS OF ST MARGARET'S was set up as an independent charity to help reinforce the local giving.

Since 1977 many tens of thousands of pounds have been donated to restore the foundations, the tower, many windows and so on.

Modern pollution caused by our sophisticated way of life has eaten away at the fabric of the building.

We now need to launch an appeal to bolster our funds so that the Church may continue to support and encourage all those Christians and Non Christians who need our help.

The Church Community cannot continue to repair and restore the Church on its own and needs YOUR HELP financially and spiritually so that the Church will be there in 2045 for the 900th Anniversary.

Please give as generously as you are able. St. Margaretís has been a focus in and around Streatley for all those years!!


Donations - gift-aided if possible
Standing orders - gift-aided if possible
Annual contributions

Download your very own FRIENDS leaflet HERE.

We ALL have a duty to preserve our Heritage and give future generations the chance to continue to serve.

If you'd like to get in touch with the Friends, please contact the Chairperson, Mrs Pattenden on (01582) 508 322 or the Treasurer, Mrs Ingram on (01582) 508273. 

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