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Fund Raising

To sustain our level of output, there also has to be input. We need the time, talents and energies of many people. We also need money.

To run even a little church like St. Margaret's costs over 70,000 a year. 

This covers running costs, routine maintenance and our contribution to the costs of the national church (which accounts for well over half our annual income).

For all special projects, such as building a loo and for all major restoration, such as fitting a new roof, additional money has to be raised.

We raise money in a variety of ways: 

  • Collections - the church plate

  • Covenants

  • Payroll Giving

  • Legacies

  • The Weekly Envelope Scheme.  Each year, members of the scheme are given a book of 52 envelopes in which they put their weekly collection whether or not they attend church each week. Membership of the scheme makes it easier for the church to budget on a regular income upon which we can depend.  A new book of envelopes starts on the first Sunday in November each year, but new members can join at any time. If you'd like to join the Envelope Scheme or would just like more information, please contact Ray Foster (01582) 508 761.


The Weekly Envelope Scheme

  • Gift Aid - if you're a UK tax payer and you complete a Gift Aid Form, we can recover the tax on your donation.  This helps to increase the church's income.  Please get in touch with us if you'd like to make a Gift Aid Donation by clicking here and letting us have your contact details.

  • The Blue Envelopes in the pews.  These are for UK tax payers who want to make "one-off" donations either to the church or to special collections in the church.  Again, either St Margaret's or the charity for whom the money is being collected, can recover the tax on your donation.  Please ensure that all your details are completed on the envelope, otherwise we can't recover the tax.

The blue envelopes for Gift Aid donations

Fund Raising Committee

We also have a calendar of fund raising events. The Fund Raising Committee run the Annual Church Summer Fete and the Christmas Fayre, along with many other interesting activities.  We are deeply indebted to their work.

Click below to see some of these events.   For the latest information, please check the Events and News pages of the website. 

Some Advertising Posters:

If you'd like to join the Fund Raising Committee, please contact M Hardman on (01582) 612 363.

The Friends of St Margaret's

The Friends of St. Margaret's are an independent charity.  Money which they raise can only be used to maintain the fabric of the church.  We are also deeply indebted to their work.

The Friends run a number of delightful concerts and events, along with meals, auctions and jumble sales.  Please click the links below to see a selection of the Friends' activities.  For the latest information, please check the Events and News pages of the website.  

Selection of Advertising Posters:

If you'd like to get in touch with the Friends, please contact B. Pattenden on (01582) 508 322.

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