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How St Margaret's Got Its Name

Once upon a time, there was a village.  

There was a farm.

There was a pond.

There were some little houses.

And high on a hill above the village, there was a little wooden church.

The people who lived in the village were happy.

They worked in their fields.

They danced around the maypole.

They enjoyed the beautiful countryside in which they lived.

And every Sunday, they climbed the hill to worship God in the little wooden church.

But then a great sadness came to the village.

Many fell ill.

The illness was called:

Many people died.

At last, the illness went away.

The people of the village were glad to be alive.  
To say thank-you to God, they built a new church in stone.

At the same time, they changed the name of the church.
The old church was called St Mary's.
They called the new church St Margaret's
St Margaret was the patron saint of childbirth.

It seemed the right name to choose for a new beginning.

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