to be stuck into a yearly book, and were much coveted.

Evelyn and I attended Confirmation Classes, taken by the then vicar of Sundon with Streatley, Rev John Gibson, which were held in her house.  We, along with others, including my own father who, although not officially demobbed from the RNVWR, was home on sick leave, were all confirmed at St Mary’s Church, Sundon on 17th June 1946.

Following our confirmation, Mrs Bloxham wanted us to become Sunday School teachers, and this we were until Evelyn had to give up to tend her terminally ill mother in 1953, and my marriage in 1955, during which time my own father had taken over as Superintendent.  Before Evelyn had to give up being a teacher, she ran a separate Sunday School, for her three to five year old class, in a building at the bottom of Warden Hill Road, which used to be the old Co-op.  The older children went to Church once a month to the Holy Communion Service.  She did it all on our own.  She also played the piano for them to sing.  She was so proud of her well behaved children.

After I met Ray, who used to worship and was confirmed at St Andrew’s Church, he also became a Sunday School teacher.  A new lady, Miss Rogers, at St Albans had taken over from Miss Beauchamp of Barton, regarding children’s spiritual education, and she would come to our house occasionally for the Sunday School teachers’ meetings.  Later the venue was changed.  A new Community Centre was built behind the Warden Tavern and eventually the Sunday School was transferred there.  The same Sunday School continued to thrive under Susan Charie, eventually transferring to the new Sunday School opened in the A-Frame, on the Barton Hills Estate, when we were allowed to have use of it as a Church building, and then in recent years, to the new Parish Centre, as it is to this day. 

Sunday School Outings

We would all meet to travel by coach to Wickstead Park or to the seaside.  One year, not long after the Rev Cecil Toll came to Streatley (Barton Road) he was abandoned at Wickstead with Evelyn, me and some of the children without accompanying parents.  We took to him and likewise he seemed to enjoy the day with us.  He was such a humble and gentle man.  A Christmas Party was held each year for the children.

Sunday School Christmas Plays

When I was in the Sixth Form at Luton High School, I was taking a Commercial Course and was allowed to make use, after official classes, of the office typewriter to practice my typing to build up my speed.  I also had a gut feeling, as a Sunday School teacher, that we should try to have a Christmas Play of sorts, but I could not see how the children could learn any lines or have time to get them to act.  I came upon the idea of having a series of tableaux, (no stage, no lighting, and minimal dressing up) interspersed with the singing of carols by the St. Margaret's Church Streatley - News - Memories of St Margaret's Sunday School circa 1939
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Memories of St Margaret's - Sunday School circa 1943 Onwards

Miss Eileen Mickleburgh was an avid Sunday School proponent, not only locally but throughout the Diocese.  She lived in Limbury and when she realised that the Sunday School no longer existed in Warden Hill, she looked upon it as her mission to come along with a couple of her friends to get it started again.  Evelyn and I became regular members and I played the piano for the hymns.  Eileen managed to get Mrs Bloxham of Markham Road, to take over as Superintendent, after it had become established once again, and Enid worked hard to keep it going with quite a number of children attending.  Beautifully coloured stamps were handed out as proof of attendance invited parents.  So, I wrote this all out and used my ‘typing time’ to type it, with as many carbon copies as would reasonably print, to put my thoughts into actions. It came to fruition, and was the first of the many Christmas Plays which have become a tradition in our Church, although the original was held at Bramingham School, Icknield Way.

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