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The Porch

When the church was re-opened in 1938, the old porch wasn't replaced, as you can see from the photograph on the right, taken in 1938.

Almost 20 years passed before a new brick-built porch was constructed.  The porch has a slated roof and contains two oak seats.  A statue, possibly pre-Reformation and possibly belonging to an old Saxon church on the site, which had been uncovered under a pathway during building work, was built into the porch.

The porch was presented by Mr P. G. Allder, founder of the Luton firm of opticians, in memory of his wife Lily and was dedicated by the Rev J.H.S. Spread, Vicar of Sundon and Streatley on Sunday, November 24, 1957.

The picture shows the Rev Spread, assistant priest the Rev C.C. Toll and members of the Allder family at the dedication.  

(Click here to see more photographs of the church before and after restoration.)

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Parishioners queue to enter the church as it reopens
Photo courtesy of Luton News

Dedicating the new porch
Photo courtesy of Luton News