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Prayer Group

St Margaret's Prayer Group began meeting in 2006. It normally meets in church on the third Wednesday of every month at 8:00 pm. However, there are some exceptions to this. 

Twice a year we host the Churches Together in Limbury Ecumenical Prayer Group. This prayer group meets during the second week of the month.  When it's our turn to host this Ecumenical Prayer Group, we change our date to the second Wednesday in the month. 

On other occasions, we're invited to join with other member churches of Churches Together in Luton, such as during the week of Prayer for Church Unity. If we feel that we need to change the date of our meeting, so that we can participate in a wider group, then we agree to do so.

No two prayer groups are ever the same. However, they usually contain a Bible reading to help focus the mind, relevant music (old and new) and a time of quiet or sharing and prayer. 

We pray for our church, its leaders and organisations. We pray for the sick, for those on St Margaret's prayer list and for any others known to us. We pray for local and world situations as they arise. Sometimes we share in a meditation. 

At one particular session, we listened to 15 minute tape entitled 'Peace' produced by the Revd Barry Preece, who was the Adviser on Spirituality in the Diocese of Guildford and Vicar of Cobham. We read John 20:19-22 and then reflected upon Barry's words before concluding with some music. We imagined Jesus standing with us, gifting us His peace.  We shared the thoughts that had entered our own minds during the reflection, before turning to prayer. It was an hour's oasis in our busy lives.

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