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This is our Parish Magazine, which is published 11 times a year.  It provides information about what's happening at St Margaret's, along with a selection of interesting articles and quizzes.

The magazine's delivered throughout the Parish.  If you live outside the Parish you're welcome to collect your copy from Church.

An annual subscription costs only £3.50.

If you have computer access, please send articles and information to us by e-mail.  If you have access to a computer but don’t use e-mail, please copy your information, either onto a floppy disc or onto a flash drive (sometimes known as a clip or USB drive).  We have a selection of these drives and discs for people to borrow.  We’re also happy to explain how to use them and/or show people what to do.

If you don’t have computer access, we’re happy to receive any information as a hard copy.  If you receive a document from an outside organisation, please copy it, keep the copy and let us have the original.  We’ll scan this into the computer and return the original to you (if requested).

To get the materials to us, either hand them to Ian in church or pop them in the post.

The deadline for materials is normally the 10th of each month.

Please note that we may have to edit any information or articles that we receive.

Our contact details for editorial and advertising are:


The annual rates are £56 for a full-page advert (portrait), £28 for a half-page advert (landscape) and £14 for a quarter-page advert (portrait).  We can also design adverts from £5. 

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Proclamation - our church magazine