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Christmas Day Morning

Has anyone opened any Christmas presents yet? I was allowed to open one.  It is strict in my house.  Here it is it is; a jolly board game about recognising famous brands. I think someone is trying to tell me something about my lack of shopping skills! Now one of the questions I discover has pictures of Cadburyís Roses sweets on it and you are supposed to know which flavour is in which wrapper! Now hopefully you have a sweet in front of you and I thought it might be more fun to try this in vivo so to speak.

Letís start with an easy one.

Has anyone a completely orange wrapper?
What do you think is inside it - now you have to get the name exactly right to be able to eat it !

(Tangy Orange Cream)

Does anyone here have a blue wrapper with orange ends?

(Hazel Whirl)

A completely pink one?

(Strawberry Dream)

This morning we are celebrating God coming to earth to save us.  Now God could have come in any guise he wanted but he chose to come as a baby. It is beautifully wrapped this story.  His coming is wrapped in Mary and Joseph, in their journey to Bethlehem, in the appearance of a star, in the innkeeper, a baby wrapped in a manger and in some swaddling clothes.

But like our chocolates, we have to unwrap the meaning of all this and sometimes we need help.  Cadburyís helpfully have a key to their flavours on the side of the box.

God spoke through the prophets, the Gospel writers and the apostles and we have the Bible, which is our key to the meaning of the mystery. During the coming church year, we shall be exploring this book of instruction, hearing from Old and New Testament writers alike following Jesus from cradle to cross and learning every week more and more about Godís great love for each one of us. The love that is shown this morning in our celebration of Christís birth, the most powerful wrapped as the most fragile.


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