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The Way That Leads To Peace - Family Service

This service looks at the first stages on the road that leads to peace, using pavement art provided by the Sunday School.

The Starting Point 

A baby, like Moses.  Our baby is Tom.


Tom begins by thinking that he is the centre of the universe. He plays with his toys but they are his and nobody else can have them.

Stage 1: Tom Learns To Share

Tom is now at Buggy Group.

He starts to learn to share as the boy shared his five loaves and two fishes at the Feeding of the Five Thousand.


Stage 2: Tom Learns To Work And Play With Others

Tom is now in Top Infants.

He learns to play with others, as Jesus learned to work with others in his father's workshop.


Stage 3: Tom Learns To Understand Others

Tom is in Junior School.  He is seriously cool but now he is beginning to realise that all people are not the same.  You have to try to understand them.  This is hard.  

Even the disciples found it hard to understand Jesus, despite all his explanations including the time that he washed their feet.

The end of the road is symbolised by communion.  It is a world where all are at one with God, with each other and with themselves.

Roger Wood
 November 2005

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