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Pastoral Committee - Way Wardens

The caring work inside the parish is organised by the Pastoral Committee which has representatives from each of the main areas of the parish.

The Pastoral Committee operates The Way Warden System.

Way Wardens cover every street in the parish. As well as being Good Samaritans in their own neighbourhood, they act as links between the church and the parish. They relay back to the church individual or community needs that the church may be able to help meet. They also keep the parish in touch by means of leaflet drops - with what the church is up to.  

One of these leaflets is The Messenger which is delivered to every home in the Parish.

Visiting in the parish, mainly of the bereaved, the housebound and the sick is carried out by the Vicar and members of the Church Team.

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The Messenger keeps people informed about what's happening at St Margaret's